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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Screw This!

Hi everyone.

This hasn't been a happy day for me.  I've decided that there's a few changes that I'd like to make in my life.  I'll be getting rid of some of the things that irritate me and tomorrow I might see about getting some counseling over some stuff that's bothering me. 

I just woke up cranky and anxious today and it hasn't really gotten better.  I'm thinking of leaving some forums and stuff that I'm not getting anything out of, and focusing more on things that are important to me where I know that no one won't attack me for having my own thoughts and feelings. 

Also, I'm probably going to seek out counseling soon because I'm really starting to get irritated about not hanging out with people and not dating and stuff. 

So that's my day.  I can only hope that tomorrow will be better.

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