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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Trying times and some good stuff.

Hi everyone.

I've been having some trying times recently.  I've been very depressed at so much of the crap that's gone on in the world, and it seems that only the bad news is talked about.  However, I do avoid the news, grown to try to ignore political posts and the like on Facebook, and I'm seeking counseling to try and see if that helps.  I'm already in counseling, but it's not working and I'd like to try something different before I give up on it.

I'm also thinking about making some friends, preferably a girlfriend, that I can hang out with and do some stuff with.  To basically have someone to talk to and an excuse to get out of the house more than I have been.

And now the good stuff:

Finally I've gotten around to posting some videos I've found on You Tube.  These are videos from the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year

#8 Audi:

#7 Audi:

#2 Porsche:

#1 Porsche:

#63 Corvette:

#68 Ford:

#6 Toyota (only Toyota onboard video I've found):

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