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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Insane Barn Owl at the Bird Sanctuary.

Hi everyone.

I had a busy day today, between visiting car dealerships, to the library, to finding a good place to eat in the next town, to visiting the bird sanctuary.

I also found out the best time to visit the bird sanctuary is when they're getting ready to feed the birds.  There's currently two barn owls at the sanctuary, one is Monty ( Note that the photo of Monty was from when he was a baby, he's fully grown now)  and the other is Athena ( ).  Monty is sociable and he was eating his mice today as you'd think that a barn owl would.  Athena, though, was flying around in her cage and was attempting to mantle her food, though she was standing on a perch and her food was on a stand nearby.

Of course, I should note that this was the most active that I've ever seen Athena at the sanctuary.  She usually is either sleeping on her perch or sitting there and ignoring people.

So today was pretty good and I have some stuff that I'd like to do before trying to get some sleep before work tomorrow.

I'll be back later

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