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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Cat Update, Sportscar Racing TV news, and Concert Pics.

Hi everyone.

Yesterday was a decent but dreary day, and today's been going pretty well so far. 

First, a cat update.  Mama Kitty still likes getting petted in her carrier, though we've had little luck so far in getting her to come out.  She did "talk" to me today, though.  As for Marcy, she went though a period recently where she didn't really want to have human contact.  Today however, she's purred constantly and when you let her out of her pet carrier, she'll let you pet her and play with her.  She still doesn't really like being held, though.  Both are probably getting pretty close to where we can let them have the run of the house, and they behave well around people and the other cats now.

As for me, I don't have a ton of plans for today, just looking up some stuff and maybe squeezing in some game play.

Also next Sunday, the FIA WEC will have the whole 6 Hours of Silverstone live next Sunday Morning on Fox Sports 1.  So if you have FS1 and are up next Sunday morning, I'd check it out just to see if it interests you.

Also, some photos from a show that Liana did last night:

I'll be back later. :)

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