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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Formal Introduction and First Topic

Hi everyone.

This is a more formal introduction to my blog.  I do believe that most of the topics that I previously listed might explain themselves.  Such as my interest in cars/auto racing, owls, weather, and most of the other stuff I mentioned.

However, I'm also interested in World War II history.  This will be as apolitical as possible, mostly because I find stuff related to Fascism, Nazism and Communism to be distasteful, negative, and, unless it's important to the plot of the topic or can be made fun of to lighten the mood (and there's no lack of things to point and laugh at for the Fascist, Nazis and Soviet Communist to soften the blow of their flaws and evil), it's usually not necessary to talk about.  That, and I'm not a big fan of discussing politics.

However, I am interested in battles, how they were won or lost, and weapons and equipment used in World War II and similar conflicts.  They kind of define the final word in who won and lost in World War II, and sometimes point to the reasons why, be it political, strategic, or tactical.

Also, as with cars and some other things, I'm interested in the "junk" of life.  The stuff that's horrible, the stuff that doesn't or barely works, the stuff that if cooler or wiser heads prevailed, might not exist.  

Of course, the list of bad or questionable cars are legion.  And I'll doubtlessly be visiting that realm soon enough, considering that auto racing season (and hence my car interest) will be picking up soon.

But I'd also like to talk about some of the "junk" from World War II.  Mind you, just because something's junk or bad or atrocious for what it was designed to do doesn't mean that it's not interesting.  Without horrible cars, horrible weather, horrible auto races, and horrible military equipment, one, how would we have a measuring stick to see what's good or what's crap?  And two, for debating or figuring out why things went down the way they did in World War II for example, you need to examine how things worked on the battlefield.

And besides, the weird, obscure, and strange and unusual is often more interesting than the stuff that we know well.  Hence why when I decide to post links, I won't just resort to Wikipedia for those of you who want links or more info.  I'll try and post links to other history sites or educational/informational sites for further reading as well as photos and data on whatever I'll be posting.

Also, if there's any topic that anyone reading this would like me to discuss, I'll look into it.


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