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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Since I haven't used this in a while, I'm gonna try and take this to a wider audience.

Hi everyone.

Since I haven't posted here in six months or so, I'm going to try something a little different.

Every day or two, or whenever, I'll try and write my thoughts here and post them, and link to this area so everyone can read my thoughts in more depth.  

So, at least starting with the May 22, 2015 post, that's what I'll be trying to do.  Writing stuff here and linking to it on social media and websites that I visit to see if anyone really wants to read them.

Content that will be covered here will including my everyday life, trips I make around here, stuff that I cook or eat, motorsports stuff, history stuff, and whatever interest me at the moment that I decide to write.  Hopefully this is a better format than me copying and pasting my Facebook Status everywhere.

As for today, well, nothing much happened.  Over the past several days, three little kittens and their mother have been spending much of their time sleeping in my bed.  I don't mind it though, since they stay at the foot of my bed or some other area where my body parts don't reside, and they just loaf out.  That's, of course, when the little babies aren't exploring around the house.

Tuesday will be my first trip to Mt. Vernon if things go to plan.  I've been wanting to visit other places aside from areas near Mansfield.  Granted, my favorite Barn Owl has his outdoor enclosure available to him now, which is a plus.  But even I get bored of going to the bird sanctuary all the time.

Hopefully in Mt. Vernon, I can find some Lapsang smoked tea, which I've had no luck in finding around the area where I live.  I might have to order it off Amazon or a tea company's website if I have to go out of the way to find it, though.  

Other than that, I haven't had much to talk about really.  At least the weather is starting to get decent and I can go outside and actually enjoy it.  I don't even have any firm plans for tonight aside from getting something to eat and getting some sleep before I have to get ready for work tomorrow.  Then I'll be stopping by a Kroger's after work to pick up some stuff, such as a take and bake pizza and some Ruffles "Lightly Dressed" potato chips.

Have yourselves a good one :)

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